How to find us

You travel by car

1. Our clients can enter the spa zone to check in. Please take no notice of the "no driving" traffic signs situated at the beginning of the spa zone which you, as our clients, need not respect on the arrival day.

  1. Find the Grandhotel PUPP, then take the streets Slovenská, Mariánskolázeňská, Nová louka and Divadelní náměstí (square). After Divadelní náměstí turn left, cross the river and you are in front of Tržiště street. Our hotel is in the middle of this street (you must go up).
  2. Find the THERMAL spa hotel (or the main Post Office), return to the roundabout and go in the direction of Plzeň (Cheb, Sokolov), go straight to the traffic lights (about 300 metres), on the left hand side you can see the Becherovka factory and on the right hand side, the bridge over the river. Go straight and take the left traffic lane (street Západní), turn left on the street Dr. Janatky. At the end of the street at the T-crossroad turn left again (street Moskevská), then take the streets Krále Jiřího, Petra Velikého, Zámecký vrch and Tržiště - our hotel is located on your right hand side.

2. Travelling by bus

  1. Get off at the bus stop "Tržnice". It is the central bus station for all local buses. Then take bus No. 2 (Direction: Divadelní náměstí). "Divadelní náměstí" is the stop where you get off and it is the final stop of bus line No. 2. Cross the river and you are in front of Tržiště street. Our hotel is in the middle of this street (you must go up).
  2. If you come to the final bus stop "Dolní nádraží" or "Terminál" you can walk to the bus station "Tržnice" (Use the subway located under the traffic lights - about 100 metres from your final bus stop) and go straight. After a four-minute walk you will reach the central bus station, "Tržnice". Afterwards, continue as mentioned above in Point 2a.

3. Travelling by train

  1. If you arrive at the train station "Karlovy Vary - Horní nádraží" we recommend that you take a taxi. However, if you prefer to take a bus, go downstairs (staircase leading from the train station) and cross the road to reach the bus stop. Each bus can take you to the central bus station "TRŽNICE". Continue as mentioned above in Point 2a.
  2. If you come to the train station "Karlovy Vary - Terminál" or "Karlovy Vary - Dolní nádraží" see Point 2b.

The price of a taxi from the train or bus station to our hotel should not exceed EUR 10.

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